The Site

I initially spun this up as a receptacle for my interactive story and as a companion to my Twitter account. I’ve since decided to (re)embrace bloggery and will be sharing some of my writing, chronicling my return to the world of tabletop roleplaying games, and posting any game content I develop.

The Writing

Beyond what you find here, I’m working on my first novel and what I think will end up a novella. I’ve been haphazardly attacking the novel for a couple years and I started the novella because I was frustrated with the novel. I’m guessing I subconsciously started this project because I was frustrated with the novella. I’m leaving behind a trail of half-penned corpses!

The Author

Writer of sci-fi and fantasy. Fond of pencil + paper + polyhedra shenanigans. Also a nerd, guitarist, and serotonin enthusiast. Japheth. Email the@beardyjay.com or follow me on Twitter.