A Pollplaying Adventure

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I had an idea to create a Twitter-based story made interactive with polls. A pollplaying game! (Surely this has been done before since original ideas are no longer a thing?) UPDATE: I was late to the party on this one. Just check out #TwitterDND.

I’ll setup the scene and then post a poll with different actions. When the poll closes, the action with the most votes will be taken and the story continues. Think crowdsourced choose your own adventure with polyhedral dice powers.

I’ll do a simple pass/fail check on d20 when needed. 1–10 is a failure and 11–20 is a success. 1s and 20s are special, of course. Any rolls influencing the story will be referenced inline in brackets shown graphically like so:

“…you leap over the raging river like a gazelle…”

As this progresses, I may move from this simple mechanic to something more D&D-ish.

If I don’t get any responses to a poll, I’ll cast the deciding vote. (Please friends, don’t leave me hanging!) This is unplanned, unscripted, and could very well be unsuccessful. Let’s make it up as we go and let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

Well, that sucked. (An update and revised approach)

Posting the first scene to Twitter was fine because it was short. The second scene wasn’t short and was really cumbersome to tweet. Posting lots of words to Twitter is horrible and tedious in almost every way. I’m also not sure that I can rely on Twitter apps to properly collapse the thread and not flood my followers’ timelines.

Instead of creating a Twitter thread for each scene, I will post the scenes to this Medium publication blog and link to embed the Twitter poll.